About Us

We’re new at this and still trying to figure out who the fuck we are and what the fuck we’re doing.

That being said, there are three things we can tell you:

1.) Irish Rebel Radio is not affiliated with any Republican organization or agenda. We’re an independent radio station dedicated to playing the best rebel songs & performances we can find.

2.) Call us muttering lunatics, but we believe no Republican prisoner should ever feel isolated, ignored or irrelevant. We offer our full support & help to any organization that fights for the rights of Republican prisioners & does what they can to look after them & their families.

3.) Because no Irish man or woman should ever be subjected to the abuses of the British “justice” system, like internment by remand, forced strip searching, criminalization, etc., for demanding or fighting for an end to the British occupation in Ireland, we can only offer condemnation & contempt to any organization or party that cooperates, supports or colludes with the abuse of Irish POWs.