West Tyrone Martyrs




Songs – Shoot Out The Streetlights – Christy Moore
Shoot To Kill The Policy – The Irish Brigade


Volunteers Charles Breslin and brothers Michael and David Devine were from a local unit of the West Tyrone Brigade of the IRA. The young Volunteers, David was only 16, were retuning arms to an arms dump when ambushed and killed by the foul SAS, at The Head Of The Town Strabane, on February 23rd 1985. No warnings were given as the Volunteers died in a hail of 100 bullets.

Witnesses have recounted that the 3 lads had surrendered before sustained bursts of automatic gunfire.


The Volunteers were left lying on the hillside for 7 hours after they were killed. A priest was denied access, and their bodies allowed to be filmed by tv crews. The Devine family were not informed of the brothers deaths until their home was raided later that day.

Despite their young age the 3 Volunteers had taken part in a number of successful operations against the crown forces. This was reflected in the large crowds from all over Ireland who attended their funerals.


Their sacrifice will not be forgotten.


by Castlewellan Rebel, Irish Rebel Radio Music Historian & Co-Producer


To hear the songs on youtube:

Shoot Out The Streetlights, Christy Moore:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OKjYiPCYrs0

Shoot To Kill The Policy – The Irish Brigade: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ts2QChy2mmg







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