Ambush At Clonoe

This song is about Volunteers Kevin Barry O’Donnell, Patrick Vincent, Sean O’Farrell and Peter Clancy of the East Tyrone Brigade of The IRA.

The Volunteers were gunned down in cold blood in the grounds of St.Patrick’s chapel Clonoe, on the 16th of February 1992. They had just launched an attack on Coalisland RUC Station, using a heavy machine gun mounted on the back of a lorry. They then drove he short distance to Clonoe to dismantle their weapons.

In a pre-planned military operation, that also involved the RUC, the boys were ambushed and killed by the SAS. The rats waited until the Volunteers had disarmed and dismantled the Heavy machine gun, giving them no chance to return fire. It was said the Volunteers had run out of ammunition, that they had fired so much up in the town, and didn’t leave enough to cover themselves. More than 500 bullets were fired at the Volunteers. Kevin Barry O’Donnell and Peter Clancy were killed while on the ground injured and trying to surrender. Sean O’Farrell despite being badly wounded made it out of the church grounds and across the road before being killed.

Not one of the 4 lads was more than 22 years old. The became the last members of the IRA to be killed by the SAS in the conflict, and Republicans will never forget their sacrifice.

Kevin Barry O’Donnell’s father said. ‘The IRA has a ‘No Vacancy’ sign up in East Tyrone after they killed my son and the other brave lads’


by Castlewellan Rebel,  Irish Rebel Radio Music Historian & Co-Producer


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